Planning sales and operations
The GoodsForecast.Planning product is designed to support demand forecasting and sales planning as part of the Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process
System features
Flexible customization of workflow, user roles and access rights to the system and data.
Adjusting the company's actual sales for demand forecasting purposes.
Calculating sales plan not only in physical but also in monetary units, including plan adjustment in monetary terms.
New Product Planning Module.
Ability to protect the entered plan from changes (locking).
Automatic forecasting of the company’s sales based on optimal mathematical algorithms
Where the company's sell-out is forecast, automatic calculation of the sell-in forecast based on forecast sell-out and rated balances in the warehouses of the company's counterparties.
Built-in reporting module similar to Excel summary tables, including preconfigured reporting on forecast accuracy. Seamless integration with Microsoft Analysis Services.
Each forecast is accompanied by an assessment of its reliability enabling analysts to focus their efforts on the most challenging cases only.
For each time series, a different – the most appropriate – forecasting algorithm is chosen.
GoodsForecast algorithms successfully handle infrequently sold and scarce goods.
The system is self-learning. The system takes into account factors affecting demand.

Implementation results

Forecasting speed and accuracy
Improving the accuracy of sales forecasting and production planning provides a solid foundation for operations across the company.
Reduced labor costs
The process of preparing and approving plans becomes formalized and automated, saving the company valuable time. At the same time, the system enhances the granularity of planning.
Process agility
The system will help balance demand and supply, link the company's financial targets with production plans and implement its long-term output and sales planning program.

List of GoodsForecast.
Planning program modules

The module features a unique library of algorithms for forecasting and processing of time series and a mechanism for the automatic selection of the optimal model. It also features a mechanism that takes account of total sale data by aggregated groups/regions which allows significantly improving the accuracy of forecasting goods that are not sold consistently and newly launched products. The calculation server effectively parallelizes calculations that allows scaling the performance of the solution.

User interface of the forecasting and data preparation system. Enables to adjust actual sales, analyze the quality of forecasting and tune algorithms.

Enables to set up the process of automatically obtaining all necessary information from your data sources and organize the transfer of calculation results to your ERP/accounting system.

Provides a convenient mechanism for coordinating plans between employees and departments of your company and enables the creation and storage of different versions of plans and comments on them, and component-by-component parsing of forecasts. Subsequently, versions become available for plan/actual analyses to verify that all assumptions made are correct.

If the company has data on sell-out and counterparties' warehouse balances, the system will automatically recalculate forecast sell-out into sell-in considering actual and planned balances. It is possible to adjust the resulting sell-in forecast, thus changing the planned balances.

A tool for evaluating the effect of completed, and planning future, marketing campaigns considering the specific features of impact from different types of campaigns and their parameters.

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