GoodsForecast Integrated Planning Platform

Up to 50%
logistics costs reduction
Up to 50%
increase forecast accuracy

GoodsForecast Integrated Planning Platform allows you to consolidate the main planning processes:

Sales planning
Procurement of raw materials
Production planning
Customer service management
Supply chain planning
Inventory management
Open the map of integrated planning processes
Integrated planning with GoodsForecast
A single platform to support all enterprise planning processes
Active use of artificial intelligence to optimize decisioning

A configurable integrated business planning platform for manufacturing and trading companies based on artificial intelligence.

The solution is included in the Unified Register of Russian Programs for Electronic Computers and Databases, No. 13005.

Implementation results

Improving Demand Forecast Accuracy
Decrease in the level of warehouse stocks of finished products and raw materials
Reduced production costs
Customer service raise
Common goals for all divisions of the company
Monthly profit and loss forecast and its “What-If” analysis in real time

Modules of GoodsForecast Integrated Planning Platform

GoodsForecast.Demand Planning is designed to support demand forecasting and sales planning as part of the Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) process. Along with customized forecasting models, the GoodsForecast.Demand Planning system makes it possible to interactively build sales plans with the participation of experts, take into account additional influencing factors, make adjustments and agree on them between participants in the process.
GoodsForecast.Supply Planning allows you to optimally formulate production, procurement and shipment plans to maximize demand coverage with minimal costs. The system's optimization and scenario analysis capabilities allow you to achieve maximum efficiency throughout the entire supply chain through optimal resource allocation and support for key management decisions.
GoodsForecast.Inventory Optimization allows you to optimize the processes of managing inventory in an enterprise and automated ordering, replenishing stocks in warehouses and retail outlets, optimally choosing the level of balances to ensure a level of service and reduce costs. The product also solves operational and tactical problems that arise when interacting with suppliers, such as optimizing the amount of inventory, delivery schedules and vehicle loading, the volume of purchases of individual goods and the entire assortment, reserving goods, taking into account the needs of retail outlets, sales plans, volume agreements, logistics conditions, etc.
GoodsForecast.Scheduling is an APS system for optimizing production planning at an enterprise and automating the scheduling of production shifts. The system takes into account cost factors and production recipes, priorities and possible fines for late shipments to customers, the cost of switching between batches on lines and much more, which ultimately leads to a reduction in production costs and an increase in the level of service for customers. The system allows you not only to automatically generate an optimal production plan, but also to assess the need for C&M and personnel, and promptly answer the question “when will the order be ready?” and in real time track the supply of customer orders with balances and production.
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