APS-system for optimizing production planning
GoodsForecast.Scheduling is an APS system designed for optimizing enterprise production scheduling and automating the scheduling of production shifts.
System features
Manufactured product mixt and prioritization groups.
Limitations on the production capabilities of each line.
The cost of shutting down and starting up production lines and the cost of operating them (light, gas, water).
Scheduled maintenance of production lines.
Limitations of warehouses and the cost of funds diversion.
The cost and speed of manufacturing goods.
Switching times and costs for each pair of goods (including line “warm up” of the production line and membrane production costs).
Product groups by formulation, minimum batches and production multiples.

Implementation results

Increased efficiency
Significantly improving the efficiency of a factory or plant through mathematical methods designed for optimizing production shift schedules.
Reduction of errors
Reducing the influence of the human factor, reducing the number of errors. Reducing the level of dependency of plant operation on the skills of the scheduler.
Output optimization
Output optimization thanks to centralized planning at the company's plants.

List of GoodsForecast.
Scheduling program modules

Optimizing production line schedules based on known customer orders or based on a plan uploaded into the system. Considering switching costs, production costs, penalties for failure to meet plans (or fulfill orders).

Medium-term forecasting of demand for finished products, considering forecast needs when planning the operating schedule for production lines.

Scheduling output based on the actual availability of and supply plans for raw and basic materials.

Setting the optimal production and shipping dates for the customer.

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