Price and assortment monitoring service
The service allows you to automatically monitor the relevance of your offers in relation to the market and monitor changes in prices and assortment of competitors.
The service provides opportunities to
Receive information in a timely and automatic manner from publicly available sources, such as websites or mobile apps, as well as from hard-to-reach sources such as aggregators or printed promotional catalogs.
Reduce financial costs and time spent on data collection, processing, validation, and analytics.
Always be aware of prices and promotional offers of competitors. Respond in a timely manner to changes in market offers and assortment.
Be aware of competitors' offers for products from your commodity matrix and evaluate attractiveness of your assortment for your target audiences.
Analyze, plan and optimize pricing and promotional strategy.
Negotiate more favorable terms with counterparties.
Increase the accuracy of internal reports and analytics.
Find new opportunities to manage price to attract customers and increase their loyalty.

Implementation results

Regular monitoring
Full control of market conditions: daily, weekly, according to an individual schedule. Timely information about changes in prices and range of competitors' products.
Direct comparison of prices and product availability. Ultra-precise matching of the client’s assortment with the full range of competitors, without restrictions. An indispensable tool for pricing and category management.
Promotional activity control
Comparative analysis of competitors' promotional offers allows you to increase customer loyalty and reduce lost sales due to irrelevant or excessive promotions.

The effect of using the service will be especially noticeable and significant for large and medium-sized companies in the retail and manufacturing fields.

Freeing up resources

Automation of routine operations allows you to reduce the need for personnel and reduce the influence of the human factor when working with valuable business information. On average, an annual project frees up about 1,500 man-hours per month.

Reliability of reports

The service repeatedly increases the accuracy of matching of product matrices, thanks to the use of GoodsForecast’s own unique technologies and machine learning models.

Working with hard-to-reach data

Our unique algorithms allow automatically collect price data even from printed catalogs, process hundreds of thousands of products daily, and also perform comparisons of product matrices in the shortest possible time with guaranteed accuracy.

How the service works:

The system automatically collects and recognizes price data and a list of product names from publicly available information sources for all cities and retail chains in the country. Among them: aggregator sites, catalogues, competitor sites and applications, as well as printed catalogues.

Detailed data collection allows you to find out prices at a retail outlet or in a specific geographic area.

The system provides data consolidation, comparison and updating of information for the user. As soon as possible, the collected data is compared with the client’s own data to establish a match at the level of individual product names or, if the product is not in the client’s directory, at the level of product categories. Information is automatically updated on a regular basis, which allows you to promptly learn about changes on the market.

Ready-made reports are provided to clients in any convenient way: transfer to accounting systems via API, visual dashboards with data on a separate website with the ability to export to Excel, distribution of ready-made reports by email, etc.

A separate module is analytics of competitors’ promotional behavior. This tool uses the information contained in the system to generate analytics and compare your offers with those of competitors in many parameters: number of promotions, depth of discounts, offers for KVI products, by region, by category.

A separate portal for requests and requests with a fixed response time and resolution of the issue.

Benefits of the service

The GoodsForecast.PriceMonitor service solves the problem of monitoring prices and promotional offers in a delicate manner - your company remains incognito.

The service guarantees completeness of data provision, high accuracy of correlation and timely provision of information to the user.

Modern machine learning algorithms allow you to process and compare large amounts of data without restrictions.

The Service provides the most complete set of data: there are no restrictions on the number of competitors’ products that need to be monitored, or restrictions on the desired range that needs to be compared with competitors. The service provides the competitor’s full range and compares it with the customer’s complete directory.

Automatic data collection speeds up the process tenfold and saves the customer a large amount of operational resources. To manually collect information on a competitor at a particular retail outlet, an employee may need more than a day, but the service collects data from hundreds of retail outlets across the country within three hours. It will take several months to manually check the assortment and select the desired products of your product matrix from the generated list of products of one competitor, which can reach 100,000 products, and the service will perform an error-free comparison of product matrices within a day of parsing.

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