FDO-based analytics

FDO-based analytics

Market analysis based on fiscal data
The service provides opportunities to
Monitoring and analyzing market prices based on cash receipt data
Basic market analytics enables to forecast sales with minimal losses
Evaluating the effectiveness of advertising and promotional campaigns
Analyzing individual peculiarities of demand and consumer preferences in different regions
Analyzing and clustering retail outlets
Consolidated data on actual product sales and overall market percentage for generating incentive programs for partner network
Cross-selling analysis
Estimation of average check, percentage of product/brand in total sales of brand/category
Ability to build analytics based on historical data as well as regular (weekly, monthly, quarterly) analytics
Procedure for providing services
First stage
The customer provides a list of products for which they need full analytics
Second stage
The algorithm accurately matches the cash receipt FDO data (more than 85% of cash desks in Russia) matching the customer's list of goods
Third stage
Based on the results of the comparison, analytics are built for the customer

Service components:

GoodsForecast's analytical reports based on FDO data are more similar to reports generated by research organizations such as Nielsen, GFK and others.

How the GoodsForecast FDO data collection system is structured:

Data acquisition

Working closely with FDOs, GoodsForecast creates and develops unique cash receipt data analysis products. You do not need to contact each fiscal data operator, we consolidate the necessary data ourselves. We also reduce our customers’ costs incurred to obtain data they need, you pay for the information you need only.

Data consolidation

The algorithm designed to match FDO data relating to product ranges allows to get reliable analytics based on aggregated data of partners.

Matching algorithm

GoodsForecast is able to break FDO data down by 6 parameters:

Data granularity

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