Enterprise stock management Auto-order
GoodsForecast.Replenishment allows optimizing an enterprise’s inventory management, warehouse and outlet stock replenishment processes and enables automated ordering.

Implementation results

Automates an enterprise’s inventory replenishment process, recommends order placement dates and scopes for each product in each warehouse and on a daily basis considering all restrictions of the suppliers.
Sufficiency without excess
The system will help calculate optimal residual levels to ensure proper service and reduce storage and transport costs.
Transparent auditable processes
Inventory management tasks are solved in an integrated manner, ensuring the integrity of the procurement and logistics management process. As a result, product representation improves, lost sales decrease and service levels increase.

List of GoodsForecast.
Replenishment program modules

The module features a unique library of algorithms for forecasting and processing of time series and a mechanism for the automatic selection of the optimal model.

GoodsForecast's unique development. A special mathematical apparatus allows calculating the optimal insurance stock to achieve a given service level and automatically selecting the optimal service level to balance the risks of shortages and costs of storing surplus goods.

Calculation of the optimal order for a point of sale for each SKU, considering lead time, delivery schedule, current balances and goods in transit. The module features three supply chain inventory management schemes (supply schedule, minimum-maximum, maximum-maximum) and enables selecting different arrangements for different suppliers and product categories.

Maintaining information on marketing campaigns in the system with the ability to both import data on campaigns from the accounting system, create and edit campaigns using the system interface. Automatically estimating demand impacts for past promotion campaigns, clearing sales history from effects of promotion campaigns. Considering the effects of planned promotions when forecasting demand, optimizing inventory and generating orders.

Enables to set up the process of automatically obtaining all necessary information from your data sources and organize the transfer of calculation results to your ERP/accounting system.

It allows multiple users to work with the system and effectively parallels calculations, enabling to scale the performance of the solution.

Convenient web interface that enables handling forecasts and orders, customizing system algorithms, generating reports and adjusting alerts.

Features a mechanism designed for factoring in total sales data by aggregated groups/regions which enables to significantly improve the accuracy of forecasting goods that are not sold consistently and newly launched products.

Enables to manage the inventory of newly launched products using different approaches: by the history of the lower level group products expressly specifying peer products or without specifying peer products.

The module enables to determine the optimal order for the entire product mix of each supplier, considering all agreements and constraints. The system will recommend how to supplement your order to fill the vehicle or to ensure that the minimum order requirement is met. The system may also recommend to skip the order if the potential shortage risk is low. This ensures that the ordering decision can be made not for each item but for a set of supplier's product items as a whole.

The module solves the problem of selecting the optimal delivery frequency based on logistic constraints or supplier requirements.

A tool for forecasting the effect of planned marketing campaigns considering the specific peculiarities of impact from different types of campaigns and their parameters.

The module enables to optimize the warehouse insurance stock considering all delivery risks (delays, under-delivery, rejects), automatically monitoring the quality of delivery performance per each supplier and SKU.

The module enables to calculate and regularly update the reserved stock balance to ensure high service level for key customers. The system interface allows managing the list of key customers, the stock calculation algorithm and reserves as such and enables recalculating and uploading data to the accounting system in real time.

The module allows solving the task of demand forecasting in detail up to for a horizon of up to a year, providing accurate forecasts for solving procurement planning tasks, booking goods with the supplier or for directly managing inventory if long delivery lead time requires coordination and approval of forecasts. The module's user-friendly interface enables to make adjustments to forecasts at any level of detail and manage forecast versions.

The module allows signaling to the manager a list of items for which the probability of shortage exceeds a specified threshold.

The module allows signaling to the manager a list of items for which there is excess inventory and/or whose shelf life is expiring.

Calculation of the optimal order for a distribution center (DC) per each SKU based on the analysis of sales and balances of stores/branches replenished from the given DC. The module does not forecast shipments to branches based on past shipments but makes an accurate assessment of their needs, thus ensuring inventory optimization and flexibility in logistics management.

The module solves the problem of optimal distribution of goods when the total needs of stores/branches exceed the stock available in the warehouse (for example, in case of significant under-delivery). Goods will be distributed in such a way as to minimize total shortage risks and logistics costs.

The module enables to manage the frequency of recalculating stock rates and fix the set stock rates in days for individual goods and entire categories, thus switching from dynamic management of stock rates using the system's algorithms to a process-based one based on analysis and approval by responsible persons.

The module enables to solve the task of planning purchases (production needs) for each SKU and warehouse (production site), with both monthly, weekly or daily breakdowns. Purchasing/production recommendations and expected changes in balances over time are calculated considering current balances, goods in transit (in progress), demand forecasts (calculated in the system using the mid-term forecasting module or uploaded externally) and stock levels optimized by the system and approved by the module user. The module's interface enables scenario analysis: by changing both stock rates and purchase volumes, the user will immediately get a recalculation of the expected changes in stock balances over time and possible lost sales.

Considering batch structure of balances and shelf life of goods. The module enables to correctly replenish stocks considering the remaining shelf life of the products in stock.

Considering customers’ requirements for remaining shelf life. The module enables to correctly replenish stocks considering customer requirements for minimum remaining shelf life of goods to be delivered. Distribution-oriented.

The module enables to forecast demand and manage inventory in new locations (warehouses or stores). The history of sales in peer locations is taken as a basis. Thanks to this functionality, you can start managing orders in the system from the first day after opening a store.

The module enables to manage stocks of raw and basic materials based on forecasts of demand for finished products and formulations.

The module enables to create a list of items that are recommended to be checked as part of a spot inventory. Thanks to the timely detection of problems (rejects, stock discrepancies, human error), the problem of “stuck balances” and under-deliveries due to incorrect data in the accounting system is virtually eliminated.

The module enables to generate orders to move goods between warehouses when it is more efficient than generating an order to be placed with a supplier.

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