Lost sales analytics
A system for daily monitoring lost sales and product representation, which allows to accurately determine periods of shortage and lost sales in pieces and rubles across various sections

Implementation results

Daily monitoring
Daily monitoring of the decrease in purchasing activity at a specified frequency. For example, once an hour or once every 3 hours. Clear understanding of the situation supported by data.
Shelf availability
Increased product representation ratios both category by category and across the chain.
Ability to tie employee KPIs to product representation and lost sales.

List of GoodsForecast.
OSA program modules

The main module of the system enables analytical reporting on the availability of goods on the shelves of the chain's stores, periods of shortages and lost sales. Distributed daily in MS Excel format to the business e-mail addresses of the customer's employees. Reports of various formats allow getting a complete and accurate picture both for individual stores and product categories and for the entire chain.

The module enables to determine for each SKU the reason for it being off the shelf. The system categorizes reasons in several areas: logistics, order planning, merchandising. In each of the above areas, depending on the customer's business processes, 2–3 potential causes of shortages are figured out.

The module enables to analyze lost sales on an intra-day basis and generate alert signals for store employees to check display and replenish goods on shelves.

Flexible, customizable notification system for non-standard situations. The module enables to receive messages detailing information on the following events: KPIs exceeding standard values Negative changes in KPI Stuck balances (recommendations on spot inventory taking) Spoilage risks Poor level of supplier's service

The module enables to analyze past indicators across different sections. A friendly web interface enables configuring system parameters, analyzing KPIs and generate summary information for any period of time.

The module enables to identify items that have “stuck” balances with a specified regularity across all warehouses.

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