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Sales & Operations Planning

Align diverse stakeholders throughout the company and improve business
strategies and results by leveraging collective intelligence.

Key benefits for your company.

Decrease costs throughout the entire supply chain with more accurate and efficient planning.

Accurate and robust sales forecast

By involving multiple stakeholders in the process, you will increase the forecast quality. Our solution will help you take into account every detail and execute it without headaches.

Transperent P&L analysis

The bigger the company, the harder it is to reconcile the sales numbers, profits and losses. We maximally automate this process and help you benefit from all available information with the structrued S&OP.

Alignment across the company

Thanks to the proven S&OP methodology, you will set data-driven sales goals, plan pragmatic promotional campaigns consistent with the manufacturing capacity, and optimize stock volume.

Features making the complex process simple.

We have developed the product by collaborating with top-notch management consultants and validated it with our trusted clients.

Real-time sales plan recalculation

Make strategic adjustments to the plan following the Volume Building Blocks methodology in real-time right during the sales forecasting meeting.

A+ demand forecasting accuracy

We use a proprietary time series forecasting library based on 15 years of research in our lab. In independent evaluations we beat SAS, Oracle, RSi.

What-if analysis

Explore how market externalities and strategic supply chain changes might affect the demand. Select the optimal plan satisfying the constraints.

Vendor Managed Inventory

Invite your vendors to participate in the S&OP process, improve the forecast, and make sure that they maintain the agreed upon inventory levels.

Promotional modeling

The system analyzes the effectiveness of promotional activities of the same type in the past and estimates the success of a new promotion.

Data across the entire supply chain

By using primary and secondary sales data you can significantly increase the forecast accuracy and minimize the influence of the Bullwhip Effect.

Forecast Value Added

Understand who makes the forecast better following the Forecast Value Added methodology. Share comments and view notes in real-time.

Flexible alerts and notifications

Configure smart alerts to make timely adjustments and guarantee that your sales forecast is accurate despite changing market conditions.

Simple and modern interface

Following the Stanford's methodology, we have developed a very intuitive yet powerful interface. Making every employee productive.

Customizable planning cycles

Manage the complex S&OP process from one place. Tweak the system to your company needs, budgeting cycles and organizational structure.

Access control

Easily configure who can edit what at each stage of the S&OP process, e.g. collect the input from the vendors during the early stages and finalize the plan only with the members of the management team.

Revision history and checkpoints

Don't miss a single change and easily revert back to the stable working sales forecast in case somebody inadvertantly adds inacurate information.

24x7 customer support

Exceptional customer service and effective communication are at the core of our DNA. We are super quick to reply and available on the weekends.

Fast and simple integration

We have custom connectors for all major DB/ERP systems, like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Teradata. Personalized approach in every project.

Great price

Due to very efficient operations, we offer lower prices. Several of our clients switched from major SCM vendors primarily because of this reason.