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Computer-Assisted Ordering and Replenishment

Minimize warehousing, logistics, and buyers' labor costs with automated inventory management and replenishment.

Key benefits for your company.

To accurately estimate the value that could be created with GoodsForecast for your company, we offer the Value Calculator.

Lower labor costs

Rather than deciding what to order themselves, your replenishment specialists will simply accept algorithmic suggestions. Based on our benchmarks, they will become 40% more productive.

Lower storage and logistics costs

On average, we reduce the amount of stock in the warehouse by 20% and cut the logistics expenses by 15% while maintaining the same service level with our optimization algorithms.

Extra revenue and working capital

The money that were freezed in stock buffers or lost by selling the products close to the expiry date at a discounted price now will be available for you to expand the business and invest in other products.

Solid foundation for your supply chain.

Over 15 years of research. Developed in tight collaboration with our trusted clients. Validated at scale.

Simple and modern interface

Following the Stanford's methodology, we have developed a very intuitive yet powerful interface. Making every employee productive.

24x7 customer support

Exceptional customer service and effective communication are at the core of our DNA. We are super quick to reply and available on the weekends.

Fast and simple integration

We have custom connectors for all major DB/ERP systems, like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Teradata. Personalized approach in every project.

A+ demand forecasting accuracy

We use a proprietary time series forecasting library based on 15 years of research in our lab. In independent evaluations we beat SAS, Oracle, RSi.

Trend and seasonality modeling

By performing complex time series analysis, we automatically identify weekly, monthly, yearly, and group seasonality and adjust to demand trends.

Promotional modeling

The system analyzes the effectiveness of promotional activities of the same type in the past and estimates the success of a new promotion.

Daily plan recalculation

Every day we recalculate the replenishment plan at the SKU level using the most recent POS sales, warehousing inventory, and shipment data.

Fast on-demand plan recalculation

Sometimes it is necessary to update a replenishment plan in real-time. We support such a challenging for computers scenario by using a proprietary incremental adjustment method.

Configurable thresholds and SLAs

Our algorithms can automatically determine the optimal levels of stock for each SKU given specific service level agreements (SLAs).

Self-learning algorithms

By using advanced machine learning algorithms for time series analysis, our solutions dynamically adjust to changing demand patterns.

Logistics route optimization

For a large distribution network with multiple DCs and a complex route topology, our replenishment plans contain the optimal shipment schedule.

Retrospective SKU-level analysis

Dig deeper and understand the way demand patterns change for selected SKUs by having access to the consolidated historical data.

SaaS or On-premises

We provide an easy-to-maintain popular SaaS solution and ready to deploy the product on your servers if you need it for security or other reasons.

Flexible alerts and notifications

Configure alerts to make sure that your employees always replenish products before the revenue is lost due to an out-of-stock event. Select from a constantly expanding library of events.

Access control

Easily configure who sees what (at SKU, product category, store, chain level). Give some employees permissions to override algorithmic plans.

Holistic inventory risk management

Each time we generate a replenishment plan, we account for stale stock, out-of-stock, delayed shipment, deficit and other risks and provide the optimal data-driven recommendations.

Great price

Due to very efficient operations, we offer lower prices. Several of our clients switched from major SCM vendors primarily because of this reason.