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On-Shelf Availability 360

Learn what, where, and when is out-of-stock up to the SKU level and trace down to the root causes.

Key benefits for your company.

To accurately estimate the value that could be created with GoodsForecast for your company, we offer the Value Calculator.

Continuous improvement

By consistently monitoring OSA, analyzing root causes, and addressing them, you will dramatically improve your supply chain and processes.

Higher customer satisfaction

Shoppers become more loyal when they can find desired products on the shelves. It leads to repeat shopping trips and ultimately increased revenue.

Extra revenue

2% change in OSA leads to 1% change in revenue, and based on the most credible industry benchmarks you could increase OSA by 6-8%.

All features that you need.

We have developed the product following the recognized OSA research guidelines and validated it with our trusted clients.

Daily and real-time reports

Every day/hour your in-store managers and employees in the main office will get a report based on the last day/hour sales right to their inboxes.

A+ demand forecasting accuracy

We use a proprietary time series forecasting library based on 15 years of research in our lab. In independent evaluations we beat SAS, Oracle, RSi.

Root cause analysis

By integrating POS, inventory, and shipment data, we detect out-of-shelf events and provide actionable recommendations on how to fix them.

SKU, category, store, chain level

Compare on-shelf availability rates across individual SKUs, product categories, individual stores, or even clusters of stores.

Flexible alerts and notifications

Configure alerts to make sure that your employees always focus on the most important issues. Select from a constantly expanding library of events.

Retrospective analysis

Dig deeper and diagnose the reasons for low on-shelf availabilty rates for selected SKUs by having access to consolidated historical data.

Offline and online access

You can view an on-shelf availability report offline using Excel or interactively play with it online using an easy-to-use web interface.

Fast and simple integration

We have custom connectors for all major DB/ERP systems, like SAP, Oracle, Microsoft Dynamics, Teradata. The integration takes 7 clear steps.

Access control

Easily configure which employee sees which information, e.g. you could share only a part of the report with the outsource merchandising workers.

SaaS or On-premises

We provide an easy-to-maintain popular SaaS solution and ready to deploy the product on your servers if you need it for security or other reasons.

24x7 customer support

Exceptional customer service and effective communication are at the core of our DNA. We are super quick to reply and available on the weekends.

Great price

Due to very efficient operations, we offer lower prices. Several of our clients switched from major SCM vendors primarily because of this reason.